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Understanding Sun Allergy
Aside from making you sweat, spending too much time basking under the sun can also make you itch. Here's how to avoid solar urticaria from happening.
How Does Lupus Affect the Skin?
While nothing can substitute an effective treatment agreed by both the patient and the patient, certain health habits may still contribute to relieving the effects of lupus to the skin.
What is Thiuram Allergy?
Thiurams are allergens capable of wreaking havoc on people with sensitive skin.
6 Misconceptions About Hidradenitis Suppurativa
A more informed and supportive public thinking about its impact could also contribute to alleviating the discomfort and frustration of those who deal with HS.
6 Simple Tips to Reduce Discomfort Caused by Lichen Sclerosus
When the constant pain torments private areas where you want to be cool and comfortable all the time, the discomfort and its knock-off effects can be agonizing.
The 5Ws of Latex Allergy
Even those who aren't sensitive to latex should play a role to keep the harmful material away from those who endure its toxic touch. Here are the 5 Ws that you should know about latex allergy.
The 5 Real Costs of Eczema
In the U.S., more than 30 million Americans deal with the red, itchy, scaly symptoms of eczema. While people focus on treating the eczema symptoms, this inflammatory skin condition is more than just its rash-like appearance. According to WebMD, eczema refers to a group of conditions that cause the skin on
5 Ways COVID-19 Affects The Skin
From an impaired sense of smell and taste down to the more commonly known respiratory symptoms, COVID-19 affects multiple parts of our body in ways we don’t completely understand yet.  However, a new symptom visible to the naked eye has been bugging the medical community. In the past few months,
Self-Care: 5 Helpful Tips For People With Eczema
With so many things happening around us all at once, we often forget to remind ourselves that self-care, even with eczema, remains an essential part of our lives. To help you check your physical and emotional barometer this Self-Care Awareness Month, we have put down 6 self-care tips to possibly
Mind-Skin Connection: Battling Eczema With Positivity
In celebration of Positive Thinking Day, Cottonique reminds everyone to set aside a moment to concentrate on all the positive things despite eczema flare-ups. A single optimistic thought may not eliminate your eczema, but a positive mindset can help lessen stress, cut down anxiety, and live well with the skin
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