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Benefits of Wearing Allergy Free Clothing
Allergy free clothing Several clothing fabrics are the cause to many unknown allergic reactions within our body. This is a factor which is mostly neglected due to the habit of putting on clothing which we think makes us comfortable but it is causing actually some pain which we might point
Allergies to Viscose Rayon
Viscose rayon allergies are usually generated from prolonged exposure to viscose rayon. It is a source to the synthetic fabric by most textile industries. People who suffer from this allergy are most likely to have a low immune system like children or may be very sensitive to viscose rayon. For
Allergy to Formaldehyde
Allergic reactions can be caused by the chemical reagent formaldehyde due to prolonged exposure to one’s body. Formaldehyde is usually used by textile industries during production, in automobiles and other household production. So the use of such items with direct contact to the body causes such allergic reactions. Its symptoms
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