Mind-Skin Connection: Battling Eczema With Positivity

Dealing with eczema can be both physically and emotionally frustrating. The added stress and exasperation certainly don’t do much to relieve the situation.

As the rashes wreak havoc on the mind and self-esteem, eczema can cause serious emotional and psychological effects on those who live with it. However, negative thoughts should not limit you from truly healing…

According to a medical studypeople with eczema are more likely to develop new depression and anxiety than those who don’t have it. The National Eczema Association also revealed that more than 30 percent of people with eczema are diagnosed with anxiety or depression.

Although those with this inflammatory skin condition are more susceptible to have mental health issues, the way your brain handles your body during an inflammatory response might change everything.

In celebration of Positive Thinking Day, Cottonique reminds everyone to set aside a moment to concentrate on all the positive things despite eczema flare-ups. A single optimistic thought may not eliminate your eczema, but a positive mindset can help lessen stress, cut down anxiety, and live well with the skin condition.


Indeed, stress is a major trigger for many people’s eczema. Our bodies go into a flight-or-fight mode and respond to stress by increasing stress hormones. A rise in stress hormones suppresses the immune system and stimulates an inflammatory response for eczema to occur.

When things get a little challenging due to heightened levels of eczema-inducing stress, invest in different approaches to relax your body and mind. Spend some time to:

  • Read a book
  • Watch TV series
  • Listen to podcasts
  • Take meditation classes
  • Do yoga or exercise
  • Go for long walks
  • Organize indoor plants
  • Write journals
  • Play video games
  • Learn a new hobby


Amid the challenges that eczema brings, sharing experiences with other people who have it can be helpful.

It is human nature to relate with others who encounter the same problem. Make things a little more bearable by participating in a local or online support group to discuss helpful ways to enjoy the beauty of life even with eczema.

As recommended by the NEA, those who seek a support group can join Eczema Wise, an online group where people with eczema can start a conversation, exchange thoughts, and connect with new friends.


We admit. It’s not as easy as it sounds, but thoughts hold more medicine than you think. In fighting eczema, controlling one’s mind and shifting the mindset from negative to positive can be useful to free yourself from the cycle of frustration and embarrassment.

Aside from the pain, oozing, and prickliness, people with eczema fight a tough emotional battle, so you will need more than just physical treatment to break the cycle. Besides, basking oneself in a constant state of negative energy can cause negative effects to one’s body as pessimistic thoughts generally create a stress response.

You have to look at the positive side of things and remind yourself that life isn’t all about the negative. Oftentimes, positive energy gets the mind to take the right actions. However, if both the physical symptoms and the emotional stress are too much to handle, make an appointment with a doctor for other treatments or support resources that can help.


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