Types of Allergy Free Clothing for Men

Allergy Free Clothing

Allergy free clothing are clothing which are free of pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals. They also include clothing which do not cause irritations and skin illnesses. In this article we shall see the different types of allergy free clothing for men. 


  1. Types of allergy free clothing for men
  2. Latex-free adult booties
  3. Men’s hipster brief
  4. Men’s T-shirt
  5. Men’s hypoallergenic face mask
  6. Men’s sleep eye mask

Types of allergy free clothing for men

As you know, allergy free clothing are made of 100% cotton. These kind of clothing are of different types ranging from the one ones worn in the legs to the head. The different types of allergy free clothing for men are described below with their features distinguish them from the common clothing:

Latex-free adult Booties

These are the mid-cut socks that are made of only pure organic cotton. These kind of mid cut socks are made to fit snug and they are the best ever for people how have skin problems. They have unique features that enable them to be ideal for people suffering from skin problems. Some of those features include:

  • They are completely made of pure organic cotton fabric
  • They consist of a covered seam that plays a great role of preventing the human body from rubbing and agitation
  • Completely devoid of Textile dye and Resin, hence better for sensitive skin.
  • Since maximum comfort is desirable, they have a double lining to enhance comfort and absorbency.

These kind of socks are the best for different types of sensitive problems such as latex allergy, contact Dermatitis, Eczema, spandex allergy, fungal infections, among others.

Men’s Hipster Brief

Made of 100% pure organic cotton, hence it is allergy-free fabric. They cause no irritation at all for a sensitive skin and they are spandex-free and latex-free elastic on waist and leg openings.

Men’s T-shirt

They are also made of pure organic cotton and they are usually designed to offer a soft and breathable layer that can be worn on its own or underneath another top. In addition, it has a double lining layer that can help you to cool and dry at all times.

Men’s hypoallergenic face mask

This type of clothing consist of an adjustable ear loops and is 100 % pure organic cotton. They are completely devoid of chemicals and latex that can triggers allergic reactions on the skin. To ensure that your face is protected from dust, ash, smoke, pollen grains, and other airborne allergens, it has two-ply all-natural cotton.

Men’s sleep Eye mask

This is also 100% pure organic cotton-natural. It is the best for individuals with sensitive skins as they can comfortably sleep with these allergy free eye mask. Unlike other commercially available masks that are made from nylon or polyester, the sleep mask is completely chemical-free. These kind of clothing are designed in a special way that they can stay on without the use of any elastic. This means that it will never cause any form of irritation to the skin.

It is worth noting that all the types of men’s clothing that have been highlighted above come in different colors and sizes to fit into different body sizes. They also have some common characteristics such as:

  • They are completely latex-free for any sensitive skin
  • Most have double layers cotton lining for comfort purposes.
  • They are free of any form of irritation
  • Most are textile Dye-free and resin-free for sensitive skin
  • They are chemical free, 100% pure organic cotton fabric, and synthetic free.

These kind of clothing prevent various types of skins problems such as latex allergy, sensitive skin, contact dermatitis, psoriasis, Eczema, and Textile Dye Dermatitis.

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