How Does Lupus Affect the Skin?
What is Thiuram Allergy?
6 Misconceptions About Hidradenitis Suppurativa
6 Simple Tips to Reduce Discomfort Caused by Lichen Sclerosus
The 5Ws of Latex Allergy
The 5 Real Costs of Eczema
5 Ways COVID-19 Affects The Skin
Self-Care: 5 Helpful Tips For People With Eczema
How Does Lupus Affect the Skin?
While nothing can substitute an effective treatment agreed by both the patient and the patient, certain health habits may still contribute to relieving the effects of lupus to the skin.
What is Thiuram Allergy?
Thiurams are allergens capable of wreaking havoc on people with sensitive skin.
Quinoa Allergy
Quinoa /ˈkēnwä/ is a small grain-like food that actually belongs to the fruit family. Due to its appearance, nutritionists describe quinoa as a pseudo-cereal. It is rich in protein, and is considered a good dietary source. A person may not be allergic to quinoa, but to its saponins, or the
wheat allergy
watermelon allergy
Allergic Rhinitis or COVID-19: How to tell the difference?
From a sudden sneeze and consecutive coughs that feel like the usual allergies to chilling fevers and severe body pains that strike every cell in your body, the overlapping symptoms between allergic rhinitis and coronavirus seem to cause unnecessary fear among people nowadays.
Swollen Lips
There are many reasons why lips can become swollen. It becomes swollen when fluid builds up in the skin tissue or if there is underlying inflammation. Let’s see what can possibly cause swollen lips.
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What is Ichthyosis? Ichthyosis is a rare skin condition characterized by persistent and widespread dry, thickened, and “fish scale-like” patches on the skin surface. Ichthyosis may present itself as a mild abnormal skin appearance affecting specific body parts to severe cases covering large areas of the body. The chronic shedding
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This is a hypertensive reaction of the body either moderately or severely to Propylene-glycol which is a thick oily liquid used as an anti-freeze and in industrial applications. This response leads to symptoms like a sore throat, itchy hives, face/tongue numbness, nausea, headaches and sinus problems. Propylene-glycol was classified by
Aluminum allergy is hypersensitivity that occurs in response to environmental, dietary or intentional exposure to aluminum for example in vaccination. One may experience symptoms such as itchy red rashes, muscle pain, irritable bowel syndrome, and asthma. Therapeutic management can be by use of prescribed creams or oral medications to address
This is a type of allergy that causes someone to have an itchy rash on the spot where the skin touches a material that is usually harmless (contact dermatitis). In most cases, earrings and jewelry are the causes, but there are other substances such as coins, zippers, cell phones and
Organic clothing Organic clothing is clothing made from materials grown in agricultural standards. Organic clothing may be composed of cotton, jute, silk, ramie or wool. Such authentic organic fabrics help us and our environment in many ways. Content Why go for organic clothing What is organic clothing Reasons to wear
What is MCS/TILT? MCS refers to a wide range of chemical sensitivities from all of the unpronounceable toxic chemicals within the environment as a causative factor to various disease conditions. On the other hand, TILT is a theory of illness that was originally described by Dr. Claudia Miller in 1966.
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